Manhattan Zodiac Hospitality Industry Support:

Job Opportunities & Fundraiser

Coronavirus, covid-19 outbreaks all over the world. Businesses close to slow down the spread. Economy gets hit hard. Manhattan Zodiac, a business purely designed around a thriving bar industry in San Fransisco, sets on a mission to help the San Francisco hospitality industry stay afloat during the crisis.

MZ Team created Job Opportunities & a Fundraiser for San Francisco hospitality industry workers. MZ is reaching out to Hospitality Industry Workers (i.e. Bartenders, Sommeliers, Servers etc.), Bar/Restaurant Owners, Liquor Distillers, Wineries, and Breweries to help support hospitality industry workers who lost their jobs. MZ is also looking for a way to help support Bar Owners, who have to completely shutdown their businesses during the CoronaVirus outbreak. 

The MZ Job Opportunities for SF Hospitality Industry Workers works like this: A liquor/wine/beer company donates samples of their product to promote online. A hospitality industry worker signs up to be essentially an Ambassador/Influencer and creates promotion materials (i.e. video, photos, etc.) The Ambassador/Influencer receives a $100 from the first sales of the product and then continues to promote, and receives a percentage of sales moving forward. For each company that is sponsoring their products, the percentage will vary. The current sponsor, Saunter Wines is offering 100% of revenue after shipping and sales tax. 50% will go to the Influencer, and 50% will go the MZ Fundraiser. 

The MZ Fundraiser works like this: If the Ambassador/Influencer wishes to donate what he or she makes to the fundraiser to support the bar families of Manhattan Zodiac's co-founders, that is GREAT! However, a percentage of profit from sales that each Influencer makes will go into the MZ Fundariaser. If anyone else wishes to support our bar families while they are out of work, they con contribute to this fundraiser as well. 

This fund is organized by Manhattan Zodiac, a bar catering and bar consulting company, to support our hardworking industry families that lost their jobs during the COVID-19 crisis. The San Francisco bars and restaurants have been closed for over two weeks and it's uncertain when these businesses will reopen. Your funds will go directly to the bartenders and support staff that the MZ team works with directly. We thank you for supporting the service industry that serves you.