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Bar Consulting 

We offer a wide variety of options to new or established bars, and have a crew of the most talented bartenders in the area who can help build or update your overall beverage program, from basic cocktails to custom craft creations including low ABV and alcohol free options. We have successfully implemented some or all of the solutions below in several venues. 

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Concept Development

  • Market research.Interior design and construction.

  • Graphic design and branding.

  • Unit economics and calculating profitability in your specific neighborhood.


Staff Hiring & Training

  • Building or re-envisioning your employee handbook, values, and mission. 

  • Mixology skill building. 

  • Product knowledge. 

  • Customer service. 

  • Selling and upselling techniques.


Bar Program

  • Building or updating beverage program.

  • Cocktail menu development.

  • Wine and beer lists. 

  • Food pairing.


Bar Operations & Infrastructure

  • Developing bar operations and procedures.

  • Maximizing efficiency.

  • Bar staff duties checklists.

  • Bar inventory management.

  • Purchasing and maintenance of bar and restaurant equipment.

  • Licensing and permits.


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