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Company Events



Cocktail Hour

An event specifically designed to get the party started! Participants will learn one essential mixology technique and make one cocktail. The purpose of this event is to build up good vibes, leave the participants with a cocktail to move into their next virtual activity, and have the skills to make another cocktail when desired. A kickstarter event is typically 15-30 minutes.


Virtual Gala

Client Experience

Host an event for existing and prospective clients. We work together to incorporate a cocktail making and/or spirit tasting segment during your event. Give a brief presentation about your company any time during the event and let us do the rest of the hosting! This is a great way to entertain your clients and to represent your company, especially during the holidays!



Happy Hour

Virtual happy hours are a fun way to kick back and socialize in a safe enviornment. Co-workers can bond over drinks, learn skills, share stories, and feel connected. A virtual happy hour can be cocktail making, spirit tasting, or both! Let us know your preference of spirits and cocktail styles or choose from our portfolio of themes. 

Cocktail with Orange Slice


Team Building

Energize and recharge your team by learning fun and new skills and put them into practice! Imbibing and bonding has been a tradition for centuries and it doesn't have to change because of a pandemic. Engage your team in a hand-ons and interactive experience that will create bonding opportunities and new memories to share. 


Event Themes


Cocktail Kits

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