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About Manhattan Zodiac

Manhattan Zodiac is a woman-owned and operated company based in San Francisco, specializing in bartending services, mixology classes, and bar consulting. Founder, Katya Skye, has many years of hospitality experience combined from San Francisco and New York bar establishments.

Manhattan Zodiac is a company driven by a passion for teaching and learning, and a strong desire to elevate the standards of the bartending experience for professionals and cocktail enthusiasts. 

Mission: To imbibe with appreciation, elegance, and knowledge.

Katya Skye has an educational background in economics and finance and 12 years of experience as a logistics account executive. She developed an obsession for bartending in 2015 when she moved to San Francisco. Over the last 5 years she has tended bar and obtained leadership roles as bar manager and consultant for bars and restaurants in New York and San Francisco.

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