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Mixology Classes

Mixology classes & events are ideal for groups of friends to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and alike for companies to bring employees together for team bonding activities, and to build relationships with clients by offering new and fun experiences. We offer in-person and virtual mixology classes.

Team Bonding

Energize and recharge your team by learning fun and new skills and put them into practice! Imbibing and bonding has been a tradition for centuries and it doesn't have to change because of a pandemic. Engage your team in a hand-ons and interactive experience that will create bonding opportunities and new memories to share. 


Client Experience

Host an event for existing and prospective clients. We work together to incorporate a cocktail making and/or spirit tasting segment during your event. Give a brief presentation about your company any time during the event and let us do the rest of the hosting! This is a great way to entertain your clients and to represent your company, especially during the holidays!


Building or re-envisioning your employee handbook, values, and mission. 

Mixology skill building. 

Product knowledge. \

Customer service. 

Selling and upselling techniques. 

Skill building

Developing bar operations and procedures.

Maximizing efficiency.

Bar staff duties checklists.

Bar inventory management.

Purchasing and maintenance of bar and restaurant equipment.

Licensing and permits.


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